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Keika Lee

President and Director

I fell deeply in love with animation after I immigrated to the US from South Korea when I saw my first animated feature as a child, Disney's "Cinderella". Being an immigrant and not able to speak the English language very well, I felt comfort in watching animation and being able to relate to other kids with cartoons. I realized characters like Cinderella and Mickey Mouse connected people no matter what their background.

I continued my animation journey at Academy of Art University and landed an internship at Kyoto Animation studio in Kyoto, Japan where I created my first animated short film. Being mentored by some of the top anime directors and supervisors was an amazing experience and I learned so much from them.

I have 20 years of experience working in the film and games industry at such companies like DreamWorks Animation, Zynga and Electronic Arts. In 2017, I took a major leap and started greyscale animation studio to produce and direct my own award-winning animated shorts, “Odd Dog” and “Oren’s Way”.

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Eun Bi Chang


I am an independent film producer and an Art Manager. With a strong background in animation and expertise in production management, I began my journey with greyscale animation on Oren’s Way (2023). Prior to joining greyscale, I produced, directed, and storyboarded Paper City (2020), a film about embracing differences and coming to terms with one's self. I've also worked as a 2D/3D character animator, and one of the notable short films I've worked on was Sonagi (2017). Films such as "Nausicaä, Valley of the Wind" and "Only Yesterday" inspired me from a young age to pursue animation. I moved from Seoul, South Korea, to New Zealand and am now residing in the Bay Area. I greatly value learning about different cultures and aim to spark conversations with my work. I am also a proud cat mom, a translator, and a Minhwa painter.

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Joi-Noelle Worley

Editor and Director

Telling fun and meaningful stories has been a part of my life since I was a child. Growing up, I let my imagination run wild by imaging what it would be like if all my favorite characters from movies and TV shows had adventures together. This fanciful pastime was the beginning stepping stones to realizing my passion for storytelling. The more I learned about production, directing, and editing, I was drawn to the moments that allow audiences to connect to characters and strive to create those moments myself.

After graduating, I relocated to Los Angeles where I focused my editorial journey working for independent companies and clients editing films, web series, promos, and trailers. As I developed my live action editorial portfolio, I knew animation was always a passion I wanted to return to, knowing that editing was a way to develop and hone my voice and contribute to the animation production process.

With ten years of editorial experience, my credits include shows for DreamWorks Animation TV/Hulu, Atomic Cartoons/Netflix Animation, and greyscale animation for Odd Dog and Oren’s Way.

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