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Odd Dog (2019)

Produced, Directed and Written by Keika Lee

Editing by Joi-Noelle Worley

Music by Jennifer Kes Remington

Sound Design by Kristian Hayden

Storyboards by Stephanie Dere

Character Designs by Miles Dulay, Prem Sai GS, Genevieve Tsai

Concept Art by Karolyn Moses, Nichole Wong Forti

Animation by Eileen Bray, Chris Lam, Mai Shirai, Katherine Waddell, Jason Wong

Clean-up Animation by Eileen Bray, Ryan Geery, David Johnson, Tobias Krebs, Mai Shirai, Katherine Waddell

Digital Painting by Patricia DaSilva

Background Art by Ania Przybylko

Background Painting by Allen Song

Compositing by Keika Lee

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